Ulster Says Snow

No Snow Here

No Snow Here

Ulster Says No To Snow: Fire and safety was the order of the day at George Best Belfast City Airport as fire chief Séamus McManus inspected the new snowplough for the airport.

Determined staff searched all of Northern Europe where snow removal is more of an everyday activity than in normally rainy Belfast and purchased a state of the art machine for his runway.

Snow chains were thrown in for free.

A few cold winters back pilots at G.B. Belfast City Airport had to brush ice and snow manually from their planes’ wings:


Extolling the advantages of the machine fire chief Séamus pointed out its many capabilities and unique features.

“The back window is heated for example, which comes in handy when giving it a push-start on a cold morning.”

Though when one considers the proximity of fuel storage tanks to the runway one can only hope that snow is the worst thing that happens at George Best Belfast City Airport.

Got a light

Got a light


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